A few years ago the Thermacut® Group decided to develop an original brand and its own products. Originality is a term that sounds good and it is nice to talk about it, but on the other hand it forces the creators of new products to surpass known limits and to look for new technical solutions for technology that has been known for more than 70 years. The plasma torch is an important component that defines how quickly and how well we can cut, what the costs related to the operation of plasma system will be, and if the client will be satisfied.

Let’s look at the torch handle, a key part that fits in the puzzle of the whole torch set. Unlike the machine torch, the manual torch and its handle enable the designers to implement their ideas and to apply their creativity. In our case, we have asked our designer to design our new torch, the FHT-EX® 105TT.

The torch is not only be attractive in appearance, but also provides a comfortable grip and control to help the operators do their best work when cutting in various positions. The torch grip allows the operator to use the classic way of holding the torch in a closed palm, as well as offering an option to guide the torch with the thumb held up. See the pictures of various grips below. We have collaborated with our test technicians as well as with specialists of our affiliated company Abicor Binzel® in evaluation of the grip quality. Finally, we asked operators and welders to assess the handle ergonomics.

It is obvious from the text above that it is not easy to be the creator of original products for the brand, and the development of such products takes time and costs money. That is why we have decided to protect the handle design with a design patent. Our design protection is registered with the European community design patent under the number 007959432-0001.

The design patent protection can be extended for 25 years in total. But we will have other torches and these torches will eventually be replaced with a new generation of plasma torches.